“For us, a look should always combine quality, elegance, and simplicity. Less is more!”


I’m Norma! My husband Denis and I live in Bern, where we enjoy a peaceful life between the richness of the city and the proximity of the countryside. I’m an interior designer and Denis is a naturopath. Both professions are representative of who we are in our daily life! We gain a balance from our shared passions: beautiful objects and materials, sport, nature... and spending time together, of course!

Denis and I are very close, and that’s obvious from our style, too! When it comes to clothes and eyewear, we opt for timeless, high-quality items that will stand the test of time. For us, sobriety is the key to the perfect look!

Now follow us as we take you on one of our summer days in the great outdoors!

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A morning walk – or skate

For a gentle start to the day, we head to Bönigen, a stone’s throw from Interlaken. The morning’s objective is to go for a cool expedition around the port, on foot for me and on rollerblades for Denis! For this intimate outing, just the two of us, I’ve opted for a romantic, bohemian look: a long, close-fitting dress with a floral motif and a slight slit up the side, along with very feminine, blue criss-cross sandals. When it comes to eyewear, it’s all about retro glamour! I’m wearing a pair of Ralph Lauren. Thanks to the full-rimmed acetate frame and the feminine, vintage style, I’m oozing quality with a hint of Marilyn Monroe!

As for Denis, he’s in casual mode: well-cut raw jeans and a long-sleeved mottled beige polo shirt that combines comfort and simplicity. But the centrepiece of his appearance has got to be the 
Ray-Ban: a Corrigan model from the 70s, with a transparent grey acetate frame and red mirror lenses. Retro effect guaranteed!

We spent a lovely, relaxed morning together, admiring the view over the water – and Denis enjoyed spinning around me on his rollerblades!

Cycling along the Aare

Next, we make our way to the banks of the Aare in Interlaken: a little corner of paradise set between turquoise waters and mountains. Denis and I have both opted for a casual, light, and comfortable look. I’ve chosen denim shorts, a little emerald green sleeveless blouse with lace detailing on the seams, and white trainers. Denis is wearing his beige Bermuda shorts with a white cotton T-shirt and a denim shirt.

As for our eyewear, we’ve both gone for Ray-Ban sunglasses! Denis has donned his pair from the
Ray-Ban collection: a revamped version of an iconic model with a transparent mineral blue frame, yellow-brown lenses, and thick temples. As for me, I’ve got out my Ray-Ban model: a 90s reissue with a rectangular shape, a narrow, transparent yellow frame and retro dark purple gradient lenses. The real plus? A bio-acetate composition, made from 100% bio-sourced materials. That’s a great combination of fashion and ecology!

As both of us are fully protected from the sun, we’re ready for a leisurely stroll that can quickly turn into a sprint... which I’m bound to win, of course!

An intense trek in the forest

Since sport and nature are essential to our well-being, we’re off on a trek to Harder Kulm to take in some breathtaking views.

For this sporting activity, Denis and I wear a sportswear that boosts our performance.

When it comes to sports eyewear, we swear by Oakley. Denis has chosen the 
Oakley mountaineering model: a high-quality frame with side protectors and a bridge-locking system that will follow his every move, and lenses with Prizm technology that provide optimum contrast. In this way, he won’t miss any detail. As for me, I’m wearing my Oakley model in matte carbon: a real innovation with its modern Prizm circular lenses, its trigger-shaped temples and its composition based on BiO-Matter®, a very comfortable, ultra-light material. In short, sunglasses that combine innovative design, detailed vision, and a perfect hold!

Now that we’re so well-equipped, we give it our all and make it to the Harder Kulm platform for a spectacular view of Interlaken, Lake Brienz, Lake Thun, and the Alpine peaks. A unique and timeless romantic moment!

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The elegant and romantic couple

“Authenticity and attention to detail are key to the perfect look!”